756 Wild Goose Royal Canadian Air Cadets          "The Sky Is Our Home"


Drill is an important part of Cadet life. Air Cadets pride themselves on discipline, smartness and teamwork, and drill is one of the ways in which we achieve these goals.


Drill is the most efficient way of moving a number of people from one place to the next. Instead of having a group of individuals meandering slowly we have an organized, efficient team with a clearly defined purpose and direction.


Drill is also an extremely good exercise in teamwork. Every member of the drill team relies on the next person for timings and dressing, we all have to get it right. There are no individuals in a team, everyone performs the maneuver in exactly the same time, in exactly the same way.



  1. The Canadian Forces Manual Of Drill And Ceremonial (The “201”)
  2. CATO 54 04 - Lee Enfield Rifle Drill