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The purpose of the Cadet Fitness Assessment (CFA) is to:

  • to provide accurate and reliable information about a cadet’s personal fitness;
  • to promote regular, enjoyable physical activity for cadets so they can reach and maintain a level of personal fitness that will contribute to good health and well-being;
  • to help leaders determine cadet needs and guide cadets in planning personalized physical activity programs; and
  • to recognize cadets for establishing physical activity behaviours that will lead to fitness development.

The Cadet Fitness Assessment is designed to assess cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and muscular flexibility through a series of five evaluations:

  1. 20-metre shuttle run (cardiovascular endurance)
  2. push-ups (muscular strength)
  3. curl-ups (muscular strength)
  4. back saver sit and reach (muscular flexibility)
  5. shoulder stretch (muscular flexibility)

Cadet Fitness Assessment Incentive Program

The Cadet Fitness Assessment Incentive Program is designed to recognize cadets achieve results within or beyond the Healthy Fitness Zone (HFZ). The four incentive levels available to cadet participants are:

  1. Bronze;
  2. Silver;
  3. Gold; and
  4. Excellence.