756 Wild Goose Royal Canadian Air Cadets          "The Sky Is Our Home"

The squadron Training Department is responsible for managing the weekly and weekend training program. Cadets are expected to attend training as directed by the training department. 

The squadron trains one night per week, a "parade night", to undertake the local training program. The six-year program provides cadets instruction in citizenship, leadership, survival training, instructional techniques, drill and ceremonial and the basics of aviation and aeronautics. In the fifth and subsequent years, cadets are assigned to instruct these classes to the younger cadets. The local training begins in September and continues until June.

Throughout the year there are weekend exercises as well: Survival exercises, Marksmanship, Map and compass, and Remembrance Day ceremonies.

Squadron training levels
Air Cadets are divided into five training levels. Each level is normally completed in the ten-month training period from September to June. Success in meeting the required standard is rewarded with the appropriate level qualification badge. In Level Four cadets learn to instruct so that when they reach Level Five, they are ready to teach other cadets.

Summer training
Air cadets have the opportunity to participate in training outside of their squadron during the summer. Cadets can participate in either Cadet Activity Programs (CAP), summer training courses at a Cadet Training Centre (CTC), or national summer training courses such as International Air Cadet Exchange (IACE), Power Pilot Training Course (PPTC), and Glider Pilot Training Course (GPTC).

For further information regarding training, contact the Training Officer (TrgO) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.