756 Wild Goose Royal Canadian Air Cadets          "The Sky Is Our Home"

If you’re 12 years or older, and want to meet new friends and try something new, then we have just the thing for you! By joining the Royal Canadian Air Cadets, you are saying YES to fun activities and exciting challenges, supervised by trained adult leaders.Founded in Georgetown in 1968, 756 Wild Goose Squadron cadets are actively engaged in weekly training and community events for over 50 years!


We are accepting new applications for the current training year.

What do Air Cadets do?

  • Gliding and Power familiarization flights
  • Team sports and activities
  • Band and Music programs
  • Effective Speaking and Debate
  • Leadership training
  • Orienteering
  • First-aid and Survival training
  • Fieldcraft
  • Summer camps
  • International trips
  • Flying Scholarship program
  • Marksmanship training

You will participate in these activities during the weekly meetings and on the weekends. You will also support your community by taking part in citizenship events organized by the cadet squadron, such as Remembrance Day Parades, Santa Claus Parade, and Poppy Sales. Many of these activities count towards your community service hours too. It all happens in a fun, friendly, safe environment that will motivate you to give your best.

How will Cadets help me at school?

The skills you develop at Cadets will benefit you with your schoolwork. You’ll be more organized, you’ll be better able to focus and you’ll learn to work in, and lead, a team. As well as make new friends that go to your school.

Who joins Cadets?

With over 50,000 cadets across Canada, we’re an organization with a proud history over the last 70 years. Many former cadets say that the Cadet Program gave them a head start in their successful careers. For example, did you know that astronaut Chris Hadfield was once a cadet?

Where and When?

Our Squadron meets at the J..R. Barber Armouries (located at 91 Todd Road in Georgetown, Ontario) every Monday evening from 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 pm, September to May. Drop in and check us out!

Joining Air Cadets

If you would like to start the enrollment process now, please download and complete the forms located under "Join Us" section on the top banner.